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Set Top Box

UCN HD STB features

  • High Definition Picture Quality, High Quality Surround Sound, 7 Days Electronic Programme Guide
  • Up to 1200 Channels, Radio Channels, Parental Lock, Programme Reminder Local News & Live Programmes
  • Audio Language Choice, Two Way Interactive Service, Best After Sale Services, PIP/Mosaic.
UCN UCN HD Features

True HD-1080I Display

UCN HD feature DB Sound
UCN Dolby Icon

Dolby Digital plus Sound

UCN HD Feature Live
UCN HD Features

Live Play and Pause Feature.

UCN HD Feature Recording
UCN Recording

Unlimited Recording.

Digital STB Features

  • DVD Picture Quality, Stereophonic Crispy Sound, 7 Days electronic.
  • Program Guide, Up to 1200 Channels Possible
  • Radio Channels, Parental Lock, Programme Reminder
  • Audio Language Choice, Best Immediate Service.
  • Local News & Live Local Programmes, PIP/Mosaic.
UCN Video On Demand

VOD-Video on Demand, Games

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